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I am not a puppy! I am a werewolf!
— Wolfie in Casper's Scare school #1

Wolfie is a character introduced in Casper's Scare School. He is a werewolf and a student at Scare School. He serves mostly as a background character but is sometimes is featured in larger roles.


All of his body is covered with brown fur, with lighter brown and white around his facial area. He has prominent ears and yellow eyes (with black iris). He also has a pair of big fangs and wears a tattered green shirt and purple pants, tied with a rope and has black claws in his fingers.

In the animated film, he looks different, as his fur seems to be longer and wears a red shirt, and only seemed to have a tusk, unlike the series.

In the comics, his appaerance differs a litttle from both, the series and the film, being more similar to his looks in the series but his shirt is less tattered and he has eyebrows.


Most of the time, Wolfie is just like a puppy, as he likes to fetch, chase his tail, and can't resist bones. But every full moon, he goes berserk and has to eat in the corner of the cafeteria for the other students' safety. When this happens, he grows several times his original size and becomes very strong, fast, out of control, and ferociously vicious.

Wolfie likes to be the School's DJ,  he was DJ in the episodes My Fair Harpy and in The Last Dance, also he has shown an interest in science.

Role in the series[]

In the second season, Wolfie serves as a background character, but season one features him in a larger role. He's one of Casper's closest friends in the first season and one of the main characters in the Casper's Scare School comics.

He once conducted an experiment in efforts to capture and harness moonlight when the moon was full, but it caused an energy surge that caused everyone in the school to act the opposite of how they normally would. Wolfie turned savage while Thatch turned nice, and Mickey and Monaco both turned smart. Casper, Thatch, Mickey, and Monaco had to find a way to reverse the effect without getting eaten by Wolfie.

Wolfie once walked a mile in another's shoes and fleshed out when he turned into a human ("fleshie") and was banished from the school. Unfortunately, Alder & Dash plotted to turn him to stone, fearing he may reveal the secrets of Scare School to the humans. Luckily, Casper discovered that Wolfie turned into a fleshie because he became too relaxed (ironicially, via by laughing at fleshie-jokes), and by making Wolfie angry, he could become a Werewolf again. Thatch, insulting and scaring some other humans, got Wolfie angry after he had learned more about humans and angrily stood up for them, bringing him back to his werewolf self, and was allowed back in the school.


Casper's Group[]

In season one, Casper, Ra, and Mantha were Wolfie's best friends, although he didn't hang out with them too often. Wolfie occasionally tags along with Casper, Mantha, and Ra on their adventures

In season two, Wolfie was no longer a member of Casper's gang. Apparently, he doesn't have friends, since he is alone, and his behavior towards Casper is kinda unfriendly. There was no explanation for Wolfie not being apart of Casper's gang, for one of the writers: Andrew Nicholls used Wolfie to be part of Casper's friend and a member of his group, but he left the show before they started on the second season.

Jimmy Bradley[]

In season one Wolfie and Jimmy are friends. Wolfie helped jimmy in Ghost Bust a Move and in Jimmy Bradley's Creature Catcher, Jimmy stated they are friends.

However, just like with Casper's group, Jimmy and Wolfie somehow are no longer friends in season 2. In fact, Wolfie doesn't even seem to know who Jimmy is in season 2 except for the episode Our Boy Wolfie. This is one of the plot inconsistencies in season 2.


  • Wolfie said he is allergic to fur, but he is covered with it.
  • Wolfie appears as a non-playable character in the video game Casper's Scare School Classroom Capers, with his appearance from the animated movie.
  • Wolfie has a favorite bone that is very precious to him.
  •  Despite being a major character in the first season, Wolfie becomes a background character in the second season (except for Our Boy Wolfie) and is no longer in apart of Casper's group. He probably was removed from his previous role due to his lack of popularity.
  • In the videogame, Casper Scare School: Classroom Capers, for some reason, Wolfie appears to like cat toys.