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This page covers the character from Casper and the Spectrals. For other iterations, see: Wendy (disambiguation)

Wendy is one of the three main protagonists in the three-issue comic book miniseries: Casper and the Spectrals.


Wendy is a young little witch, who lives with her aunts in Spookytown. Unlike her crude elders, she doesn't use her magic to scare, but to help out when she is needed. She doesn't apporve of her aunts joy to scare or toment others, even though they must in order to keep Volbragg contain in his prison. One night when she try to get the townspeople home away from her aunts, she ran into Casper who unintentionally scared a child causing him to flee home. She thank the young ghost for sending him home and they became good friends as they spend there days and nights hanging out together, learning about each other's race. One they in Deviland they met a trouble making devil name Hot Stuff who pulled a prank on the ogres and have Casper and Wendy take the fall as they ogres have trapped them in their nets that not even their own powers cannot withstand. Hot Stuff reluntantly save them by disguising himself as a mud monster and demand to release them. The three escape and Casper and Wendy offer Hot Stuff to join, to which he reluntantly agree to. Just like before, Casper and Wendy hang out with Hot Stuff joining them as he showed them his race of demons.