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Volbragg is the former self-proclaimed ruler of Spooky Town and the main antagonist of the comic Casper and the Spectrals.


Willem George Volbragg was a violent, cruel and power hungry man in his lifetime. Even after being executed by the townsfolk he still seeks power now just madder and crazier, his goal now being to rule Ghost Town.


Willem Georges Volbragg is "a big jerk", wanting power more than anything else in the world. While still alive he wanted to rule the people of New Amsterdam. The townspeople got tired of his violence and brutalizing and they took matters into their own hands. They had Volbragg "taken care of" and sunk to the bottom of the river. But killing Volbragg only made him madder and crazier! So when he arrived in Spooky Town Volbragg decided that, if he couldn't rule in New Amsterdam in the real world, he was going to rule Spooky Town in the ghost world. He enlisted the aid of an old witch he found on the outskirts of Witch Way. She taught him various spells and magicks that he could use to make the populace of Spooky Town fear him and do as he bid. He used those magicks to create a Sphere that collected the "frights" that the ghost scared out of the humans, converting it to energy that made Volbragg bigger and stronger. Then he pitted each group against each other, making them all compete to see which borough could gather the most scares threatening to destroy the town that brought in the least amount of fear! But, soon, some of the smarter ghosts and witches had had enough and using magic, figured out a way to turn Volbragg's power collector into a scare-powered prison! They captured him in his Sphere, now channeling the "scare energy" to keep him contained and in a state of suspended animation, newer to awaken...

Powers and abilities[]

Volbragg is truly one of the most powerful beings in Casper franchise, his might is far beyond any ordinary creature. He receives his power from a Sphere that collects "frights", the more people that are scared the stronger and larger he becomes. Powerful enough to enslave a whole dimension inhabited by monsters, he is also one of the few beings able to "kill" a ghost. His power is so great that monsters centuries after his imprisonment still fear him.

  • Strength: His strength and size vary depending on how much scare energy Volbragg has stored.
  • Magic: Being taught by Wistenia, an old witch which even the other witches shunned, he learnt various spells and magicks making him one of the most powerful warlocks in Ghost Town. He was skilled enough to create a Sphere that was able to collect "frights" amplifying his already frightening power.
  • Fear empowerment: Thanks to the Sphere his power is increased by other beings fear.
  • Electricity empowerment: When human scientists accidentally revived him, they managed to empower him with electricity.
  • Energy projection: Volbragg is able to shoot blasts of electricity from his hands which are powerful enough to disintegrate even a ghost.