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The Jennifers are the three best friends of Amber Whitmire and are students at Kat's school.


The Jennifers are the minions of Amber Whitmire. They are portrayed as rich spoiled valley girl types, not too different from Amber. All three of them agree with everything Amber says. Just as Kat hates Amber, she also hates the Jennifers for their vapidness and general annoyance. The Jennifers do not seem have that much of a distinct personality from one another.

Jennifer #1 has dark brown hair tied into a low ponytail. She wears a light blue turtleneck blouse, dark gray skirt, glasses, and fanny pack. She seems to be the most vain of them such as brushing her hair often to the point of getting lice.

Jennifer #2 has strawberry blonde hair that is somewhat curly and wavy (sometimes it's mistaken as orange). She wears a dark green short sleeve dress with slightly puffy sleeves and a yellow sash. She is shown to be rather boy-crazy and worried what boys think of her.

Jennifer #3 has light brown hair cut in a pixie cut. She wears a yellow long-sleeved unbuttoned shirt/jacket, with a white shirt underneath, and light green shorts. She is the dimmest of the Jennifers and has repeated seventh grade at least twice.

All of the Jennifers are voiced by Debi Derryberry.

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Trivia :[]

  • Jennifer #1 bears a similar appearance to Jeanette Miller from Alvin and the Chipmunks in terms of clothing choice, dark hair and glasses.
  • They also share similarities to Elena, Teresa, and Yuki from Lilo and Stitch as they follow the leader of their clique to make fun of their target. Unlike the latter however, they do not show instances of being friendly with Kat.