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The Harvey Lands is the world where the stories from Harvey Comics are settled. It is composed by Richvile and the Enchanted Forests. Every single character from the classic comics live there.


The Harvey Lands is an area with Richville at center of it all, and is surrounded by the Enchanted Forest, separating it from the outside world by the magical mountains.

The map was published in the pages of Richie Rich #230 (Sept 1987). The map is titled Official Map of the various Harveylands including the Enchanted Forest.

The map shows a valley surrounded by mountains (Magic Mountain Range), which is the Outside World. A pass allows connection with the outside, by railroad. At the center of the valley is Richville. Richville has an airport, a railway station (Two Grand Central Station) and a television station (Richie Rich Video Channel 14KT). Richville is on an island, surround by the Mystic River. North of the island is the Enchanted Forest Proper, containing Spook Town, Spirit Lake, the houses of both Wendy and Casper, and Irish Bayou. To the east is Suburban Ghostland, containing Spooky's house and Haunted Lagoon. South of this is the Spartan Comic Book Printing Plant. Below this the Enchanted Forest becomes a real forest. This section contains Bonnie Dell, hometown of Little Dot and Little Lotta.

To the Southwest is Unexplored Enchanted Forest. To the west of Richville is Animal Island, home of Baby Huey, Buzzy and other animal characters. The island is separated from Richville by Treacherous Reefs. To the far west is Tiny Town, in a valley of its own. To the Northwest of the Valley of Devils, containing the Chemical Comic Book Engravers Plant. Just outside the Valley of Devils is Fairy Island. The Valley of Devils is bordered by the Valley of Giants and Ogres.


  • The map was designed by writer Mike Curtis, based on Irish Bayou in Louisiana.