Also known as Harvey films, this company was division of Harvey comics, Founded in 1957 as the animation producer Arm of the famous comic book publisher.the Harvey Entertainment Company logo has a jester with yellow hair, red jester hat, red clown nose, red clown rosy cheeks, red jester pajamas, and yellow jester shoes while he's in an orange present with red flowers and yellow flowers while he's doing Casper's Spinning Squares.

This company is known for creating most of casper cartoon series, in 2001 Harvey films become a name-only unit, it doesn't produce animation anymore but it licensed the rights for adapations of the Harvey properties,in 2001 the company has acquiered by Classic Media.

Tv series producedEdit

  • The new Casper Cartoon show
  • Casper and the angels
  • Casper and Friends
  • Casper Classics


  • Casper meets wendy
  • Casper's scare school (produced as name-only unit)