Casper the Friendly Ghost Wiki

Narrator:There are some people who believe in ghosts and there are some people who don't. If you are the believe in ghosts kind then this story is about one and if you're the don't believe in ghosts kind, well just for fun, this story is about one anyway. His name was Casper, and he was surely the most unsual ghost there ever was or wasn't depending how you feel about it. Every night, at twelve, his brothers and sisters scamper out joylessly to frighten the folk of the neighborhood. But not Casper. He rather stay home and not frighten people which goes to show how unual he really was.

Narrator: Casper just doesn't like to scare people. Guess it sound rather silly but well, he just rather make friends with them,

Narrator:This has been going on for ages and Casper just couldn't stand it any longer. So Casper deicided to leave home to seek new enviroment where he might forget as a ghost and make friends with the world.

Narrator: So if youre the believe in ghost stories kind, this is what happened. And if youre the don't believe in ghost stories kind, Well this is what happened anyway.