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The Enchanted Forest is a place located in the The Harvey Lands which serve as the home for the Supernatural Harvey Characters such as Casper, Hot Stuff and Wendy, most of the stories were the from the classic Casper comic books take place in this location.


A vast forest area that surrounds Richville borders, it appears to be a medieval landscape, that contains castles, caves, waterfalls, mountains, volcanoes and valleys. The Enchanted Forest is magical land inhabited by many supernatural species such as fairies, ghosts, devils, ogres, trolls, witches and many other monsters species.

Even while the Enchanted Forest isn't a hidden location without anything that avoids visitors from the outside, most of humans aren't aware of the strange creatures that live there.

Notable locations[]

  • Tiny Town
  • The Valley of Devils
  • Animal Island
  • Spock Town
  • Valley of Giants and Ogres
  • Spirit Lake