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Stinkie is a fictional character created by Harvey Comics that first appeared in the cartoon "Fright From Wrong" in 1957: A ghost and the smelly member of the Ghostly Trio with a case of halitosis and is often cracking jokes constantly. He seems to be particularly loyal to the lanky leader Stretch, often parodying him which can be seen in the film if you watch closely.

In all of his encarnations across media, Stinkie is a Ghost that loves to scare humans and disapproves Casper's friendly behavior.


Despite Casper living with his relatives in his earlier cartons these ghosts had no either personality or particular design, but they are considered to be the precedessors of the modern Ghostly trio however the Cartoon "Fright from Wrong" introduced the first versions of stinkie, Fatso and Stretch.

In his earlier appearances stinkie is portaryed as a thin ghosts, as his brother he wants casper to stop being friendly in order to became a frightening ghost.

In the film and Spooktacular New Adventures of Casper he was voiced by Joe Alaskey. He is played by Bill Farmer in casper; A spirited beginning.