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Note: Not to be confused with Spook Town.

Spookytown is a parallel world located in an alternate version of New York City, Inhabited by monsters and forbidden to humans, the events of the comic book miniseries Casper and the Spectrals take place.

The Spectrals are the five most important species of monsters in Spookytown, which are ghosts, goblins, devils, ogres and witches. Each of them posses its own territory, and the government dividing Spookytown into 5 districts: Ghostburg, Ogreville, Deviland, Goblin Gulch and "witch come my way" plus an additional District for minor creature species called Monstertown and a town hall.

Every territory in Spookytown has its own ruler. Most of them remain nameless in the comic, but its known that Hot Stuff's father is the ruler of Deviland, after Volbragg Took over Spookytown, and became its self-proclaimed monarch, putting every Spectral species against each other, by forcing them to compete at scaring humans in order to survive, with the loser species being killed, which lead to an ancient rivalry between every monster species, making intersperses friendship a taboo.


  • GhostBurg: The land of ghosts that has the appearance of a gloomy Halloween landscape, with haunted houses and creepy mansions. It is ruled by a ghost that wears a mayor ribbon.
  • Ogreville: A vast arid zone with no buildings, but small shacks. It is the homeland of the ogres.
  • Deviland: The land of demons and devils. Because of this, its appearance resembles Hell: a place filled with fire and lava, there are countless volcanoes in the area.
  • Goblin Gulch:
  • Witch Way:
  • Monstertown: Inhabited by the monster species considered of minor importance, which include vampires, werewolves and mummies.