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Space Officer Maxie is a character that appears in the Casper and the Angels Tv series created by Hanna-Barbera productions.


Maxie is the other half of the "Angels" whom Casper protects as their Ghost Guardian. Unlike Mini, she's short in height, but she to is a slender and attractive (her appearance is more realistic and least cartoonish), woman with wavy black hair separated in two buns and a golden diadema, that only gets covered when she wears her police helmet. Like Mini, her standard outfit consist in her police uniform made of a cyan blue overall with golden ornaments and red knee high boots with high heels that match the gloves. While not on duties and taking rests at her apartment, she dons a pink short sleeve blouse with blue jeans and her boots are black. Even if she gets annoyed by her ditziness, Maxie's best friend is her roommate and fellow patrol college Mini. Altought least in showing affection, she cares deeply for Casper as Mini does, and unlike the latter, she's the first in losing temper with Hairy Scary's antics, altought in a way she also cares for him.


Maxie is the opposite of Mini in personality, as she's more intelligent but harsh and a little nonsense. However, she has a soft side that is shown when danger arises and proves her fondness to the ones she loves. She often corrects Mini's mispellings, has no known fears and lacks common catchphrases.


Her character resembles the serious side of Dee Dee Sykes from "Captain Caveman and the Teen Angels". Coincidentially, both female characters are african-americans, altought they do not share voice actresses (Dee Dee's VA is Vernee-Watson Johnson while Maxie's VA's is Diana McCannon).