Casper the Friendly Ghost Wiki

Hi, fellow wikia editor, I am Dante Hotspur, you Friendly Admin, To preserve order every website needs rules, and Casper the Friendly Ghost wiki is no exception.


  • Vandalism, Flood and spam won't be tolerated
  • Do not modify the template pages on the wiki.
  • Please don't use unnecessary catogories, See: Banned categories. 
  • Please don't add "The Deceased category" to Ghost characters, it is redundant and not all the ghost are confirmed to be former humans, this catogy is reserved to character who died and never come back from the dead.
  • Fanfiction is welcome, but It must be posted on blog entries, otherwise it will be deleted.

Banned Catagories

Please do not add the next catagories to articles, since they are either unnecessary or redundant,

  • Alive Characters
  • Decesased characters, for ghosts since most of them never were humans
  • Learnt a lesson/eambarrased: I saw some villain pages with these categories , it is totally unnecesary since most of the villan were severly punished by the story.
  • Little kidos; we already had little kids as category.


These are the punishments for breaking the rules:

  • if you commit Vandalism three times: you will be blocked.
  • Flooding and spam 3 times you will be temporaily blocked.
  • If your very first "contribution" to the wiki is to vandalize our pages your will be blocked immediately.
  • if you write fake information on our articles, you will be blocked.