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Ray Stantz, who is well remembered as being one of the main protagonists in the Ghostbusters franchise, has a small cameo role in the 1995 Casper feature film.

As in the Ghostbusters film series, he is portrayed by Dan Aykroyd.


In his one and only scene, Ray was sent by Carrigan Crittenden and Paul "Dibs" Plutzker to get The Ghostly Trio out of Whipstaff Manor, in the latter two's attempts to find the treasure hidden inside the mansion, but the Trio proved to be too much for the Ghostbuster. He runs out of the house and says to Carrigan and Dibs "Who you gonna call?" before pausing for a moment and continuing to hear the Trio's mischievous laugh; he then looks directly back at Carrigan and Dibs and says "Someone else" before leaving.