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Ra is the tritagonist of the 2006 Casper's Scare School film, and would appear in the animated series that follows. He is a mummy that attends at Scare School and one of Casper's closest friends.


Ra is a 2500-years old mummy, a student of scare school, and one of Casper's closest friends, he is actually an Egyptian prince, but he acts cowardly and he is rather introverted. Ra can sometimes be unsure of himself and let his fear override his better judgment, but he is a loyal friend who always rises to the occasion in the end.


Ra is a small mummy that wears a black beret, a golden beetle collar, and a blue"shanty",(Egyptian kilt)  he resembles a boy covered on bandages rather than an actual mummy.


Ra also has a notably generous attitude. On several occasions, he allows other students to portions of his wealth with expecting anything in return from them. Ra has a tendency to be trusting to the point of naivety, believing Thatch when he tries to manipulate or deceive him. His strong belief in superstition also plays a role in how he behaves when confronted by myths and legends.

Ironically, Ra isn't entirely opposed to using trickery himself. He's been shown to disregard the advice of others and act independently if it means he can get what he wants. Ra means well in most circumstances, but his ego can cloud his better judgement.


he first appeared in casper's scare school (film), introduced in the pirate ship scene, as one of Thatch's victims, he quickcly became one of casper's closest friends in the film and helped him to save kibosh from alder and Dash's evil plans.