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Principal Rabie is a minor character that appeared in Casper: A Spirited Beginning. He is the principal of the Elementary School that Chris Carson attends to. He is portrayed by Richard Moll.

Casper: A Spirited Beginning[]

Principal Rabie is the principal at the Applegate Elementary School. He has a very small role in the film.

A gang of bullies, led by Brock Lee, attempted to pull a prank on Chris involving Danny dropping a balloon full of gunk on him from a window, but it landed on Rabie instead, causing Danny to be shocked when he sees it. Angered, Rabie attempted to put Chris and Brock in detention when Brock tried to pin the blame on Chris, but their teacher Sheila Fistergraff intervened and lied by saying that Chris was late. Principal Rabie agreed, released Chris and grabbed Leon, telling them to march.

One day, while Casper is practicing his ghostly powers with Chris at the school, he loses control and accidentally winds up in the faculty restroom, landing in front of Principal Rabie who is using the toilet and reading a newspaper in one of the stalls. Casper awkwardly chuckles while holding a roll of toilet paper, telling Principal Rabie he thinks he’s going to need it. After seeing Casper in the stall with him, Rabie screams in fright and throws his newspaper up into the air before frantically pulling up his comedic handprint boxer underwear while hovering over the toilet; he proceeds to run out of the stall with only his boxers up and his pants sagging around his ankles. Immediately following, Principal Rabie runs out of the restroom and shrieks “GH-GHOST!” while stumbling down the school hallway with toilet paper hanging out of his pants. He then runs up to a female staff member and tells her he needs her (meaning he needs to talk to her). However, when she sees Rabie has his pants down, she misunderstands by immediately screaming and slapping him across the face, causing Rabie’s glasses to go flying off his face as he tumbles to the ground.

Principal Rabie’s last scene consists of him speaking with another male staff member, explaining how he was on the toilet reading his editorials section, when all of a sudden Casper appeared before him. Brock then suddenly comes rolling out on top of a book cart from the school’s library with a fire extinguisher strapped in his backpack (caused by Casper). Brock crashes into Principal Rabie, causing him to be covered in extinguisher foam. Rabie then grabs Brock, and angrily tells him it will be going on his permanent record after seeing the fire extinguisher ruined, before proceeding to drag Brock to the principal’s office.


  • Principal Rabie is portrayed by Richard Moll, who would return in the Casper franchise a year later in the follow-up sequel Casper Meets Wendy portraying as Jules, one of Desmond Spellman's bumbling henchman.