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Nightmare the Ghost Horse is a character created by Harvey Comics. She is Casper's ghost horse that first appeared in Casper the Friendly Ghost #19. She is friends with both Casper and Spooky.

She is Casper's female ghost horse who is always willing to help in his adventures and looking for her own adventures as well.


Nightmare is a white ghost horse with pale blue fur.


Nightmare became a recurring character in the Casper comics, even gaining her own title. She made several appearances across media, appearing several episodes in The New Casper Cartoon Show, and one appearance in The Spooktacular New Adventures of Casper. She spoke in the original cartoons, but not the latter and she was voiced by Frank Welker.

Powers and Abilities[]

Flight: Like any other ghost Nightmare has displayed the ability to fly; however, she is considered faster than the average ghosts, even displaying at faster-than-light speed, when she took Casper to a distant planet.

Intangibility: Like any other ghost Nightmare's body can pass through solid matter.