My generation has to told the zombie banner a little higher!
— Mantha: Disarmed and dangerous.
Mantha the zombie is a character first introduced in Casper's Scare School. A real zombie girl, and student that attends scare school and one of Casper's closest friends, she is one of the main protagonist the Casper scare school movie and Tv series.


Mantha is a Young zombie girl with purple eyes, blue hair and blue-green skin. Her regular outfit consists on a pink shirt with a white flower on it and a short faded black shirt underneath, tattered purple flare pants and black and pink sneakers.


Mantha is a strong and independent person, despite being a zombie, she is a actually pretty smart, she disiles the way zombies are portrayed in media: Dumb and slow creatures unable of rational thinking. This stereotype upsets Mantha to the point she wants to terminate this misconception. She also advocates for the equal treatment of all creatures in the Underworld, and is usually willing to help others in the case that problems should arise. Mantha tends to be sarcastic, cynical, and refuses to accept help from others however she is a loyal friend.


Casper first met Mantha after being enrolled in Scare school, just after boarding the famous School Pirate ship, when Thacth made fun of her apparence, Matha defended her "zombie pride", soon she become close friends with casper in the film, even helping him with his plan to snake out of scare school to visit the valley of shadows, even aganist scare school's rules.

In the Tv series she is still one of casper's closest friends, always willing to help the ghost in his aventures, Mantha is often understimated for being a zombie by the rest of the classmates however she always manages to overcome her problems and prover her worth to the world, even sometimes surpasing Thatch who is the top student at scare school,

Just like Ra she is aware of Casper being friends with Jimmy, and she is also friends with him, despite having human friends being forbiden by the rules of the underworld. However she seems to enjoy scaring more than casper and Ra do and she is not as friendly towards other humans.

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