Jimmy Bladley is a character that first appeared in .Casper's scare school: he is a human boy from Deedstown, and one of casper's best friends. Jimmy usually joins casper on all his adventures in the human world, and even sometimes he visits scare school, he is one of the main character in the film and series.


Jimmy is a blonde boy with blue eyes that wears a blue t-shirt,


Jimmy is a timid and lonely boy with no human friends, he is interested in monsters and paranormal topics, His main hobbies include video games, soccer and camping, unlike his father, Graham bradley, he believes monsters are friendly and don't repesent a treat.


  • Jimmy is voiced by Brendon Ryan Barrett who also played Chris Carson from "Casper: A Spirited Beginning".
  • Jimmy is allergic to cinnamon as revealed in "Paramedic Paranormal".
  • In "Merry Scary Christmas", Casper says he always celebrates Christmas with Jimmy, suggesting the two have known each other for at least several years.
  • In episode Monster Movie, he reveals that he cannot act.
  • In season 2, Jimmys voice changed dramatically to match his child voice in the movie. The first season had Jimmy's voice sounding like he's hitting his teen years.
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