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Jennifer is a minor character that appears in Casper: A Spirited Beginning. She is the only girl who hates Brock Lee's gang of bullies, and end up becoming friends with Chris Carson at the end.

She is portrayed by Shannon Chandler.


Jennifer is the hatred of a gang of school bullies led by Brock Lee. She can beat them up before they spend most of their time making fun of Chris Carson due to his love of the supernatural; however, throughout the film, Jennifer slowly becomes more fond of Chris, which is shown near the end where she helps Chris after Brock shoves him down, right before Brock and the others locked him inside the Applegate Mansion, with a bomb that was about to blow.

The next day after Chris and the mansion were saved, Jennifer wanted to apologize to Chris for hanging out with Brock and the gang. Chris, keeping his promise that he was going to have her someday meet a ghost, has her meet Casper the Friendly Ghost, in which she was obviously frightened by.


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Shannon Chandler

Jennifer apologises to Chris whilst Casper floats behind her


  • “You almost got Chris killed.”
  • “Brock, you’re a butt and you’ll always be a butt.”