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Hot stuff's family

Hot stuff's family, and Casper and Wendy

Hot Stuff's family are characters that debuted in the comic book "Casper and the spectrals", little is known about Hot Stuff's parents and brother, even they remain nameless but in  the comic is implied  that Hot stuff's father is the ruler of devil land, one of the realms of Spooky town. 


Hot stuff's brother is a young bearded devil. He wears a sleeveless shirt likely he is  a teenager or a young adult. Unlike Hot stuff he has hair, he appeared in all the issues of Casper and the Spectrals.

Hot stuff's father is a really tall, bulky devil with short legs that wears a tuxedo,  he is bald.

Hot stuff's mother is a tall, slender devil. She wears a black dress and has long black hair.


  • Despite Hot Stuff had a lot of relatives in the classic comics, such as cousins, aunts and uncles, his parents never appeared until "Casper and the spectrals"
  • In the old Harvey comics, most the members of Hot Stuff's family have fire-related names, so it`s likely that their family have similar names too.