Hairy Scary is a character that appears in the Casper and the Angels Tv series created by Hanna-Barbera productions.

Description: Edit

The thousand-year-old ghost who has taken Casper under his wing. A Baloo-like character, Hairy is boisterous and funloving, but cares for Casper - and the Angels too, despite his mostly hate/hate relationship with Maxi. Like the Ghostly Trio, Hairy's greatest joy comes from scaring humans, but despite this he is not nasty or mean. He is disappointed that Casper isn't interested in scaring people, and reminds the small ghost ocassionally that scaring people is what ghosts do. But, afterlife goes on, and Hairy is content to laze about the Angels' apartment, scare the pants off of criminals, and keep an eye on Casper.

Personality. Edit

Hairy Scary is a mischievous, and care-free ghost, that loves to scare humans.Often considered a trouble-maker by the officers, Harry Scarey is friends with Casper, who he tries to teach the ways of Scaring. He is deeply afraid of bats.

Trivia: Edit

This character resembles Captain caveman from the show of the same name,