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Ghost Dude is a minor character in Casper: A Spirited Beginning. He is a passenger on the ghost train.



"That's simple, fog boy"

In Casper: A Spirited Beginning, Ghost dude's appearance resembled that of a surfer dude. He is white, with a red bathing suit, and has a pair of black shades. He has a slightly bigger nose than most ghosts on the train. His eyes (though rarely seen) are the same color as Casper's, light blue.



"Later dude!"

Ghost Dude was a passenger on the ghost train. Which was heading to the processing station. He sat at the passenger seat right across from the young ghost, Casper. The Ghost Dude looked to be in a bad mood. At one point, another passenger sneezed and flew right into him. Almost knocking his sunglasses off. (This is the only time we see his eyes)

A short while later, Casper floated over and asked the Ghost Dude where he was and where the train was going. Annoyed, the Ghost Dude rudely addressed Casper as "Fog-boy", then quickly grabbed him and held him out the window, laughing. Casper pleaded the Ghost Dude to let him go, but the Ghost Dude dropped him off the train and onto the ground.

Ghost dudes

"You didn't laugh at my jokes!"

Later on, the ghost train arrived at the station, Snivel greeted the ghostly passengers out of the train. Snivel accused Ghost Dude of not laughing at his jokes. The Ghost Dude rudely gestured and floated inside the school.