Casper-Fright from Wrong

Casper-Fright from Wrong

Fright From wrong is a Short starring Casper the friendly Ghost, produced by Harvey entertainment gruop, the episode is famous for introducing  the Ghostly trio and serving as sorce of inspiration for the Creation of Hot Stuff the Little Devil, one of the most popular characters of Harvey comics. the short was later included as part of "the new casper show"


The episode starts with Casper playing with a bunch of birds which causes the ghosl trio to be mad at Casper's friendly behavior, as a plan  to make casper evil, they force him to consume "mean pills" this scheme apparently success: Casper is turned into a mean devil ghost but Ghostly's trio plan backfires, terribly as they become victims of casper's violent mischief, The not-so friendly Ghost tries to burn stretch "alive" even Fatso gets decapitated, in the end Casper revels that he didn't really eat those mean pills and he was just teaching his elders a lesson.


  • This Short marks the Ghostly trio's first appareace.
  • Evil casper, featured in this episode, was used as inspiration for the creation of Hot stuff the little devil.