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Fanny is the “third wheel" of the witch coven in Casper Meets Wendy. She is apparently based on Zelma from the comics.

She is portrayed by Teri Garr.


While not nearly as ditsy as Gabby, she is still rather dim, as shown when looking out for the paperboy that Wendy tries befriend with. She has various tendencies to be inadvertently insulted, including an old woman asking her if she is a little old to be trick or treating and having the inconvenience to incorrectly pronounce words like "vacancies". Fanny acts as the voice of reason and has to be responsible for Wendy on several occasions, like confiscating her wand and telling her not to trust anybody. Near the end, she briefly gets turned into a sexy blonde model in the climax of the film, known for replying “I'm repulsive!”.