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Ghost are supernatural creatures, often deceased humans who turned into spirits, and are the main species of the Casper franchise.


The true nature of ghosts in the Casper franchise varies across media, in the comics and cartoons produced by Harvey comics ghosts are magical creatures unrelated to humans, similar to devils, Ogres and ghouls, they are a separated Species able to reproduction, making Casper the son of a ghost couple.

In constrast, early Paramount cartoons depicted Casper is a deceased child, But Alfred Havey found this statment very depressing for a kids show, so He officially retconed the origin of Ghosts.

However the 1995 Casper film totally dropped Harvey's Ideas about the origins of ghosts, making them restless souls of Decesed humans once again, In this versions Ghosts are linked to the humans world by "unfinished business" that prevents then from reaching eternal rest.

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