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Casper and the Angels is an animated series based on the Harvey Comics cartoon character Casper the Friendly Ghost co-produced by Hanna-barbera and Harvey films, the show is loosely adaptation of its source material, and it doesn't include any other character from Harvey comics, The show  ran for only one season, and two television specials were produced: Casper's Halloween Special and Casper's First Christmas.


The show is set in the year 3019,  Casper is assigned by the "Ghost Headquarters" as the new Guardian ghost of Maxi and Mini, two young police officers. They are joined by a rambunctious ghost named Hairy Scary, who would scare villains and troublemakers, but unlike most other ghosts, he was accepting the fact that Casper was a gentle ghost who did not like to scare people.


No. Title Original air date
1 "Casper's Golden Chance / Space Circus" 22 September 1979
  • Casper's Golden Chance: Mini and Maxi try to track down space hijackers who are after a gold bullion, while Hairy Scary tries to teach Casper to scare.
  • Space Circus: Casper and Hairy Scary go to the Space Circus, where a diamond smuggler gets a pickup. With Mini and Maxi in pursuit, Casper and Hairy catch the smuggler.
2 "Casper Ghosts West / Casper's Camp Out" 29 September 1979
  • Casper Ghosts West: Mini and Maxi have an assignment to protect Sandy Gulch from thugs disguised as ghosts. Hairy Scary takes the liberty of scaring the phony ghosts.
  • Casper's Camp Out: Mini and Maxi are assigned to be camp directors. A river dam receives damage, but Casper arranges help before it arrives.
3 "Strike Four / The Space Pirate" 6 October 1979
  • Strike Four: Mini, Maxi and Casper go to baseball stadium to keep an eye on Don Button who is the Space City Dogers champion, but someone is impersonating him.
  • The Space Pirate: Mini and Maxi search for Captain Spacebeard, while Casper and Hairy Scary board his ship. Together they stop Spacebeard before he can execute his plan to rob a bank.
4 "Ship-Wrecked / The Cat Burglar" 13 October 1979
  • Ship-Wrecked: Mini and Maxi drive a new Space Bus, but Hairy Scary accidentally gets them stranded on a remote planet. After an encounter with the savage inhabitants, they all escape.
  • The Cat Burglar: Nerdley and Fungo investigate a cat burglary, but Mini and Maxi take over where they fail. With Hairy Scary's help they set a trap to catch the cat burglar.
5 "Something Fishy / The Smiling Lisa" 20 October 1979
  • Something Fishy: The Angels, Casper and Hairy Scary go to the Space Aquarium, but the seal Snowy gets held for ransom. After rescuing Snowy, Hairy proceeds to pursue the culprits.
  • The Smiling Lisa: Mini and Maxi are sent to safeguard the Smiling Lisa, but when Casper and Hairy Scary come it is stolen. They find out it was stolen by an imposter who after the insurance money.
6 "A Pocket Full O'Schemes / A Tale of Two Trashmen" 27 October 1979
  • A Pocket Full O'Schemes: Mini and Maxi search for a pickpocket called the Snatcher who steals things that he doesn't really want. When they do catch him there is a dispute on who gets the credit.
  • A Tale of Two Trashmen: The Angels, Casper and Hairy Scary investigate a burglary. The refuse collectors salvage the stolen items in their scow. The Angels and ghosts track and catch them.
7 "Fatula / T.V. or Not T.V." 3 November 1979
  • Fatula: Fatula plots revenge on Mini and Maxi who convicted him. Fatula lures the Angels into trap, but Casper and Hairy Scary come to the rescue.
  • T.V. or Not T.V.: Mini and Maxi have been awarded to star on television. At the same time Slippery Sam has escaped prison, but before he can make a fool of the Angels, Casper and Hairy Scary scare him away.
8 "Gone to the Dogs / Private Eyeball to Eyeball" 10 November 1979
  • Gone to the Dogs: Casper gets a dog called Sunspot. The dog however is not his to keep and a dog catcher is stealing owners' dogs. Hairy Scary goes as a dog catch the dog catcher.
  • Private Eyeball to Eyeball: Hairy Scary volunteers to be a private eye. The crooked detective Snoopy is after the gold bullion Mini and Maxi are guarding. Casper saves the Angels and gets Snoopy under arrest.
9 "Champ for a Day / The Ghost Robbers" 17 November 1979
  • Champ for a Day: When "The Champ," a famous wrestler, has his cherished teddy bear stolen, he refuses to get into the ring. It looks like sabotage! While the Angels track down the one responsible, it's up to Hairy to take the Champ's place.
  • The Ghost Robbers:
10 "Aunt Mary Scarey / The Ice Heist" 24 November 1979
  • Aunt Mary Scarey: Hairy tries to impress his Aunt Mary by pretending to be Police Commander.
  • The Ice Heist: The ghosts help the angels uncover jewel thieves at the space towers hotel.
11 "A Shoplifting Experience / The Impossible Scream" 1 December 1979
  • A Shoplifting Experience:
  • The Impossible Scream: Notorious (and nearsighted) ruffian and master troublemaker Muscles McSnort is out causing trouble in Space City with his antics and its up to Officers Mini and Maxi to collar him. But, they'll have to do it without the help of Hairy Scary, who upon failing to frighten McSnort has lost faith in himself.
12 "Prehistoric Hi-Jinx / The Commander Is Missing" 8 December 1979
  • Prehistoric Hi-Jinx: Mini and Maxi get assigned to guard a scientist's lab, and Casper, Hairy, Nerdley and Fungo follow them to keep an eye on things. When the boys arrive at the lab, all but Casper accidentally trigger a time machine and wind up in prehistoric times, and its up to the others to rescue them.
  • The Commander Is Missing:
13 "Love at First Fright / Saving Grace in Outer Space" 15 December 1979
  • Love at First Fright: Hairy falls head over tailsheet for Zsa Zsa Amour the stage actress after seeing her image on a poster. When Mini and Maxi get assigned to guard Zsa Zsa's dressing-room to protect her diamond tiara, Hairy begs to come along.
  • Saving Grace in Outer Space:


  • Dick Beals - Additional Voices
  • Rick Dees - Additional Voices
  • Bob Hastings - Additional Voices
  • Jim MacGeorge - Additional Voices
  • Diana McCannon - Space Patrol Officer Maxie
  • Julie McWhirter - Casper
  • Laurel Page - Space Patrol Officer Minnie
  • Ronnie Schell - Additional Voices
  • Hal Smith - Nerdly
  • John Stephenson - Hairy Scary, Commander
  • Frank Welker - Additional Voices
  • Paul Winchell - Additional Voices