Casper the Friendly Ghost Wiki

Casper is the main protagonist of the 2006 TV animated film, Casper's Scare School, and it's 2009 spin-off series of the same name he is a 200-year-old young ghost boy [1], the nephew of the Ghostly Trio. He has been forced to attend Scare School to learn how to scare humans and stop being so friendly or else he will be banished to the Valley of the Shadows. In Scare School, Casper's closest best friends are Mantha and Ra who he loves like a family.

Character Summary[]

Casper is overly friendly and helpful, which is both his strength and weakness. He is quick-witted, being able to come up with speeches that convince people to go along with him. He is also independent, strong, never forgets who he is and is loyal to his friends.

Casper knows he is supposed to be scary, not friendly but he doesn't understand why people and creatures just can't get along. Casper's attachment to both the "fleshy" and creature worlds, while not quite belonging to either, often leads to problems at Scare School and he continuously faces the oppressions of Thatch, a vampire bully and the Headmasters, Alder and Dash, but he always finds the courage to face any obstacles heads on.


Casper is a small, white ghost with a round head that is almost as big as his body and a somewhat pudgy body. In the movie he had violet eyes, in the first season of the series his eyes very light blue while in season 2 they are dark blue and unlike his family, he has feet, but his legs morph into a ghostly, genie-like tail.

When he hangs out with Jimmy in Deedstown he wears a blue hoodie with the hood always covering his head, navy blue jeans and black sneakers to avoid scaring anyone.