Casper the Friendly Ghost Wiki

Casper: A Haunting 3D Challenge is a game released on multiple platforms, based on the 1995 film.


The game puts the player in control of Casper in a pseudo-3D top/front-down view of Whipstaff Manor done up in pre-rendered levels akin to those of a sidescroller. Casper has a simple inventory in which all items are kept. The game also uses a health points system, which is depleted when Casper comes in contact with boss characters or traps, and replenished by food items strewn throughout the mansion. The player comes across chests, keys, switches, doors, vents, and other interactive items making up the head-scratching puzzles that make up the bulk of the game.

Jigsaw Pieces hidden throughout the manor can be found by opening certain chests, getting to certain areas, or solving certain puzzles. It takes four of a kind to make up one portrait, indicated by blank frames like the one found in the foyer where gameplay begins. Morph Icons may be generally obtained by completing portraits, allowing Casper to take different forms to progress through the manor and solve different puzzles, and when used, all but the first Morph will take away some of Casper's HP.

Any item that Casper can pick up is an item of interest. Casper can also find items to give to Kat and Dr. Harvey as well as pieces of the Lazarus, disassembled by Casper's uncles. The trio can be stumbled across throughout the manor, defeated by the use of certain items or Morphs, though they each appear multiple times.

Casper - A Haunting 3D Challenge: Reimagined[]

An unofficial remake was created by Arthur Michaud (aka thecawdfather87) with Retro Active Games. It was rebuilt in Game Maker 1.4 using assets ripped directly from the PS1 title. The game encompasses elements of the original game as well as added-in secrets for players to discover. The endeavor was not funded or made for monetary gain in any way, and the reworked fan project is free to play, accessible on Retro Active Games' Facebook page.