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Casper's Scare School is a comic book miniseries published by Ape comics as a tie-in for the television series of the same name, released in 2011: written and drawn by Sabrina Albergetti. It was originally planned for four issues, but the series sold poorly and was cancelled after only two issues.The remaining comic books were planned to be released in a paperback edition, but the book was delayed several times and was eventually cancelled.


Each issue contains 4 mini-stories 3 Casper's Scare School comics and one Casper Classic which are recolored old stories from Harvey Comics.

Issue 1[]

  1. Halloween is for the Dogs
  2. The New Kid
  3. Scare Raid
  4. Casper's Album

Issue 2[]

  1. Welcome to the Scare School Fair
  2. City Snicker
  3. Casper's Castle