Casper the Friendly Ghost Wiki

Casper's Scafe School Classroom Capers is a video game based on the  the series of the same name Published by Red Wagon and developed by Nikitova games  For Nintendo DS in 2010.


The game is set in the same universe than Casper's scare School (fim) Casper must got graduated From Scare school to prove his Value as a Creature.


The gameplay consists of a minigame, the playes takes the role of casper, the friendly ghost, who must trade special items with the rest of the students at the class, whille the teacher are not looking,  if the teachers catch casper in the act he loses some help, in oder to clear a level caspe must trade  a certain  number of times, difficulty increases as the player progresses through the game, The last level includes Kibosh as the final boss in the game.


  • Science class
  • Gym Class
  • History Class
  • Final tests