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Not to be confused with JT McFadden's wife mentioned in the 1995 feature film, as the old cartoons and the movie take place in separate continuities.

Casper's Mother is a minor character featured in the original Casper Noveltoons produced by Paramount, debuting in the 1955 cartoon Hide and Shriek.


Casper was originally supposed to be a deceased human in his earlier cartoons; however, in some later stories, ghosts are not deceased humans, but different species of magical beings, making Casper the son of a ghost couple. Casper's mother appearances are inconsistent and she remains nameless through all her appearances. She is married to Casper's Father.

Casper's Mother first appeared in Hide and Shriek, and would later appear in Casper's Birthday Party.


Her looks is rather inconsistent as it varies through her appearances. In Hide and Shriek she seems to be chubbier and older than her appearance in Casper's Birthday Party.