Casper's Birthday party is a short released in 1959  by The Harvey Entertainment Company as part of The New Casper Cartoon Show.


It's Casper's birthday, so he tries to invite people to his party, but everyone is afraid of casper, because he is a ghost


The episode starts  with Casper's parents sleeping at the family house, casper writes a note for them telling that he is going to find some friends to invite to his birthday party. First Casper tries to invite several talking animals, starting with some wild animals  (birds and a rabiit), followed by a lion and a cheetah at the zoo, but all of them are scared of casper and flee after seeing him.

Casper tries better luck with humans, but the ressult is still the same, the zoo keeper even runs inside a lion to escpae from him, Casper scares two more humans at the city: a ´postman and a taxy driver. Casper leaves the city and encounters Dumpty Humpty, who is so scared that he falls from the wall, cracking his entire body. Tired and sad casper return to his home just to find a suprise party, many ghost were invited by his parents, The little ghost is indeed surprised,  the guests sing the classic casper's song in chorus., Casper whishes to have tons of friends and blows the candles of his birthday cake.


  • Unlike any other media, including movies, Comics and even cartoons, in this episode casper lives with his Parents.
  • This episode was aired before the modern version of Ghostly trio were created, this may explain why they were replaced with casper's parents.