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Brock lee is a minor antagonist in Casper: A Spirited Beginning. He is a boy that likes to bully smaller children, with Chris Carson being one of his favorite victims, due to the latter's personality. Brock leads a band of bullies and has repeated 5th several times.

He is portrayed by Steven Hartman.

Casper: A Spirited Beginning[]

Brock Lee was first introduced where he and his best friends: Danny, Leon, and Jennifer were riding their bikes to school until they saw Chris Carson, who was walking to school while reading his comic, as they were making fun of him due to his love for the supernatural. When Brock attempted to pick a fight with Chris, after Chris made an offensive remark of him being held back, they were interrupted when a crowd of people was running in fear after being attacked by the Ghostly Trio, causing Brock and the others to flee.

When they were in school, they attempted to pull a prank on Chris by dropping a balloon of gunk on him, but it landed on the school’s principal instead; Principal Rabie gave Brock and his friends detention.

Brock got another detention the next day, when Chris was teaching his best friend Casper the Friendly Ghost the ways of a ghost; Casper does this by going into stealth mode and strapping a fire extinguisher on Brock’s backpack. Everyone (except Chris and Jennifer) was sprayed with extinguisher foam, including Principal Rabie, who tells Brock that it was going on his permanent record before he proceeds to drag Brock off to the principal’s office by his ear.

In an act of revenge, Brock attacked Chris that night, and was stunned to see Jennifer was defending Chris, which led to Brock and the other two locking Chris inside the Applegate Mansion, which just so happened to have a bomb planted inside by Bill Case.

Eventually, after the bombing is thwarted thanks to Casper, Jennifer told the boys that they almost killed Chris. Rather than feeling guilty for their actions, Brock and his friends thought it was cool, which ultimately led to Jennifer finally dumping them; she told Brock he was a butt and would always be one before walking away from him and his friends. Brock simply watched her walk away, and was unable to think of a reply.

Brock did get his comeuppance in the end when Chris had him and his friends being scared off by the Ghostly Trio, who also gave them a mega wedgie and have them hanging on a tree, as they were screaming with pain and agony.