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Direction: Seymour Kneitel & I. Sparber

Animation: Myron Waldman, Nick Tafuri, Gordon Whittier & Larry Silverman / Morey Reden

Story: I. Klein / Larry Riley & Bill Turner

Scenics: Robert Little / Anton Loeb

Music: Winston Sharples


Casper emerges from a subway station, following a crowd of scared strangers. He encounters a man saying "see the wonders of the moon for ten cents," and offering a sight through a telescope. Casper scares the man away, then uses the telescope to see the moon. He then flies to the moon for a visit. Casper lands on the moon, disappointed to find no man on the moon. He stretches, yawns, and lies down to nap, then tiny moon men emerge from holes. They capture Casper, lock him in a cage, and tow him to King Luna. The King addresses Casper as a monster and treats him as an enemy. Casper playfully picks him up, only to be placed in the royal dungeon. Then, tree monsters attack. The Moon Men defend their fortified city with flaming missiles. The tree monsters fight back with water, then break through the town walls. Casper escapes his cage, and helps the Moon Men by going underground and tying the trees' root feet together so they can't attack. After the Moon Men win the battle, King Luna knights Casper for the valiant defense of his people.



  • This is the second Paramount cartoon that was released in the 3D format. The first one was Popeye, The Ace of Space, from the Popeye the Sailor film series.
  • There is a similar opening playing over it from There's Good Boos To-Night instead of the Boo Moon opening sequence. The credits can be followed as:

I. Sparber

Morey Reden
Nick Tafuri
Myron Waldman

Larry Riley
Bill Turner

Winston Sharples

Anton Loeb

Frank Gallop

Also, this opening sequence is not right to fit into the cartoon, taken in video prints or DVDs.

  • The short was submitted to the 26th Academy Awards for consideration of the Best Short Subject - Cartoons award, but failed to receive a nomination.[1]

Credits Sequence[]

In the Boo Moon opening sequence, there is a shot of the city skyline at night.