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Blodge is a character who was introduced in the 2006 film Casper's Scare School and later appeared in a supporting role in the TV series of the same name. He is one of the students who attends Scare School.


Blodge first appeared as a background character in the 2006 film as one of the creatures they study at Scare School. He made a featured appearance in the part where students are taking gym class for the first time.

In the TV series, Blodge plays supporting roles, mainly in Season 2, in which his biggest role was in "Radio Blodge", where he starts his own radio station and reveals the secrets of Scare School students and teachers throughout Deedstown.


Blodge is a sci-fi monster with a body made of green slime and has the ability to pass through objects. He doesn't have arms or legs, so he has to slide to move.