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Rang, Rang, Rang.
— Wolfie's famous catchphrase.

The Big Bad Wolf or Wolfie serves as the main antagonist in only five classic Casper The Friendly Ghost cartoons, while being known as the original archenemy to Casper. He first made his own appearance before Casper in Noveltoons classic short films No Mutton Fer Nuttin (1943) when he first went after Blackie.


Wolfie is very gullible but still a hungry habit predator who has a taste of trying to eat Little Red Riding Hood, Baseball Players (basically animals), Three Little Pigs, Beavers and Lambs. But each time he shows his cowardly side when Casper comes to stop him from trying to devour his friends(while he doesn't seem to remember Casper is the same ghost he once encountered).




  • Despite Wolfie only appear at least five cartoons while being the only original villain who anticipated Casper, most fans and viewer nearly forgotten about him even though he's not pure evil but cowardly, which later he was replaced by Kibosh.
  • The reason while Wolfie is scared of Casper because he was never adapted as the blood thirsty Werewolf-Man but rather a regular fairytale Big Bad Wolf.
  • In Noveltoons he first appears going after a black lamb name Blackie.